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Okay folks, the prize is a handsome coffee mug like the one picture here. Be the first to post the answer to the question below (before Feb 1) and win. The correct answer is found in the book Shroud of Eden by Marlin Desault. Hint: You’ll find the answer in chapter 27.

So here is the question: Name the member of the Pegasus crew who is a spy.

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Contest Rules

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The Tachyon Murder

Here’s a weird consequence of Einstein’s relativity.

The Tachyon murder

From Richard Muller’s book NOW The Physics of Time.Light travels at 1 foot per nanosecond. A Tachyon is a hypothetical particle that travels faster than light.

And yes, I changed the words slightly to skirt the issue of freedom of choice. I’ll deal with my idea on that in a later post.

Mary shoots John with a tachyon gun. He is 40 ft away.

Her tachyon gun fires tachyons traveling 4 ft per nanosecond. (four times faster than light speed). In ten nanoseconds her tachyon hits John and he dies. (Her frame of reference)

Will Mary pay for her crime? Will she be convicted? Here is the answer and the analysis.

Mary calls a witness who saw the shooting from a train moving at one half light speed.  Now for the tricky part. Per Einstein’s relativity:

The witness claims he saw John die 15.5 nanoseconds before Mary shot the gun.     The judge declares Mary innocent since John was already dead when she fired the gun.

Muller explains in the following link:

Think about it and have fun,                                                                                          Marlin