Shroud of Eden

Marlin Desault’s

Coming in August 2015

Available now on and as well as other online and retail bookstores.


In the year 2550, New SETI predicts humanity will soon make its first encounter with hostile interstellar aliens. The Panhelion, the sovereign government of Earth and her off-world settlements, has lived in peace for centuries but now must prepare for imminent war.

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Scott Drumond commands the corvette Pegasus, with urgent orders to explore an enigma in the Hyades Star Cluster. He finds the legend of an ancient starship to be more than a legend, when the enigma reveals its secret—a secret that can liberate Earth from a tyrant and protect humanity from the Khepri aliens swarming out of the Coma Berenices Star Cluster.

Book III,  Eden Redeed, is scheduled for release in 2018.