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The Panhelion Chronicles – Books I and II

Coming in August 2015

UK, Canada and Australia

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The Panhelion Chronicles blends speculative science fiction, with interstellar battles and romance. Explore the possibilities of a universe where unusual quantum and relativistic physics principles hide in the vastness of our galaxy.  Those bold enough to undertake the journey will discover fascinating worlds and concepts expand the boundaries of the possible

Starship captain Scott Drumond meets a stunningly beautiful woman on a faraway planet. The strange customs of her isolated society baffle and intrigue him, and the bond between them only grows stronger when he discovers her people hold a powerful secret that can secure freedom for the Panhelion and the survival of the human race.

Sit back and enjoy an adventure science fiction novel with a military theme and a serving of romance. Available on Amazon.com and evolvedpub.com as well as other online and retail book stores. Also available in softcover or hardcover.